Pengaruh Defleksi Span Bridge terhadap Tegangan Pipeline CY2 pada Overhead River Crossing

  • rahmahwati intan
  • endri kusuma george
  • choirul rizal mochammad
Keywords: Deflection, stress, ASME B31.4, CAESAR II


Abstract - CY2 pipeline crosses Serayu River using the overhead crossing method. In manufacturing conditions, span bridge is known to have deflection which can affect stress on pipeline. This research is conducted on 2 conditions that is the condition of design and manufacture. This research is done manually using ASME B31.4 and by software CAESAR II. Manual stress calculation in manufacturing condition starting by calculating the total load due to deflection which is then used to calculate the moment due to deflection. This moment is then used to calculate the bending stress for the calculation of total longitudinal stress and to calculate the bending stress resultant in the calculation of expansion stress. As for calculation using software, the pipeline is modeled according to the conditions. In design conditions, pipelines are modeled using a restrain in accordance with the known span distances. Whereas in manufacturing conditions, the elevation ​​of bridge deflection is used as pipe displacement inputs at each pipe restrain point. The result of the analysis in this final project shows that the bridge’s deflection does not affect hoop stress but has an effect on longitudinal and expansion stress. All stress values ​​calculated either manually or by software satisfy specified allowable stress.