Pengaruh Water Hammer Terhadap Pipa dan Check Valve Pada Discharge Pump TPL 1-PM-002C (Studi Kasus PT. Pertamina TBBM Tuban)

  • Nadhif Wicaksono Aji Ahmad
  • Priyonggo SL Projek
  • Nur Budiyanto Ekky


In the pump discharge pipeline of TPL 1-PM-002C suffered disk damage at the check valve which serves to prevent backflow to the pump resulting in a considerable passing pressure running through the 1-8 "-PKS-CM-1019 pipeline even though the line has closed and diverted to another pipe line so that a major effect on the fuel distribution system. The simulation results show that the largest pressure increase due to a water hammer of 130 Bar from the pressure of 47 Bar and Pressure Relief Valve operation can reduce the pressure increase greater than Bladder Accumulator design to 3, which is equal to 60,5 bar while Bladder Accumulator design 3 reducing the maximum pressure increase of 76.4 Bars. So it can be concluded that the design using Pressure Relief Valve is a design with optimum operational results to overcome the influence of water hammer against pipes and check valve on pipeline 1-8 "-PKS-CM-1019.