Desain By Pass Line dan Pig Launcher pada Gas Trunkline BS Kambitin II- BS III Tanjung, Proyek Adaro Wilayah Field Tanjung Kalimantan Selatan

  • Perdani Putri Marizta
  • Miftahul Munir Moh.
  • Shah Muhammad
Keywords: finite elements method, flange check, local stress shell, pig launcher, software


Pig launcher on pigging system is a cleaning facility of trunkline installation for “EPC Tanjung Area Upgrading Production Facility and Dismantling Production Facility†project connected to bypass line from gas scrubber KBII-V-0001. The design of pig launcher is based on ASME Sec. VIII div. 1 checked with PV Elite while the PG-1007-A-3â€, PG-1008-A-3â€, PG-0011-A-2†and PG-0010-A-6†bypass line is based on ASME B31.3 using AutoCAD Plan 3D. Local stress shell in cylindrical shells due to by pass line loadings using WRC 107 and method of finite  elements shows that stress that happen is much lower from the limits. Flange Check of nozzle outlet to analyze the failure caused by piping force and moment using CAESAR II software shows that equivalent of  pressure is much lower from limits.