Study Kasus Acoustic Induced Vibration (AIV) pada Sistem Flare di Plan Migas

  • Dwi Putri Septyaningrum
  • Anis Mustaghfirin Muhammad
  • Agus Setiawan Priyo
Keywords: Finite Element Method, AIV, Sound Power Level, PSV, LOF


Flare system serves to remove gas that can not be done further processing. Before disposal, the gas flow will pass PSV (Pressure Safety Valve) to prevent over pressure on the flare system. However this causes a high pressure drop, thus causing a large Sound Power Level. This phenomenon is called Acoustic Induced Vibration (AIV). The existence of AIV is what can cause fatigue failure on LT 01 and LT 02, which can disrupt the overall flare system. Analysing is starting by calculating Sound Power Level and Likelihood of Failure (LOF) to determine risk assessment on area of interest (LT 01 and LT 02). Then Finite Element Method (FEM) analysis on LT 01 and LT 02 to know the visualization of geometry structure. The results of this research it is known that the value of Sound Power Level LT 01 is 172.80 dB and the LT 02 is 172.42 dB, where the value exceeds the threshold of 155 dB. For the value of LOF LT 01 is 0.8 and LT 02 is 0.78. From the result of FEM analysis it is known that the geometry structure is experiencing stress and deformation in the connection area of LT 01 and LT 02.