Analisis Desain Line Break Control Valve dengan Variasi Sudut Bending pada KP 79,011 Project Gresem

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Keywords: Bending, CAESAR II, LBCV, Pipeline, Angle


Abstract – Gas transmission pipeline project as far as 267 km will distribute gas from Gresik to Semarang. There is a pipeline with some supporting components. One of them is Line Break Control Valve (LBCV) as an automatic control to detect leakage along the pipe. Based on the condition, bending pipe would be designed to link under and above ground pipe. It was designed with some variation i.e. 30 °, 45 °, 60 °, 90 ° to know the magnitude of stress due to hydrostatic, operating, sustain, occasional and expansion load using CAESAR II software. Pipeline must meet minimum pipeline thickness criteria based on ASME B31.8 with a value of 0.469 inch. The design of LBCV bending area model uses 34 load case with high value of load i.e. 26994,1 psi due to hydrostatic load, 23526 psi due to operating load, 21568 psi due to sustained load, 22461 psi due to occasional load, and 17353 psi due to expansion load. The analysis of CAESAR II software shows that the stress value  smaller than allowable stress. Its result also shows that recommended  are all variation with small angle IDR 91,728,000 and big angle IDR 189,408,000, in cost and stress under the allowable stress.