Analisis Perbandingan Teknis Sistem ICCP Menggunakan Variasi Peletakan Groundbed pada Line Pipa Gas di Perusahaan Pupuk

  • Dian Novita Vitalia
  • Antoko Bambang
  • Mahardhika Pekik
Keywords: Cathodic Protection, Corrosion,, Groundbed, Industrial Fertilizer, ICCP


Corrosion is a natural process indicated by material degradation caused by reaction of metal with its environment. It became one of the problems often occured in industries. One of them is in fertilizer industry. Therefore, the best prevention system should be chosen. Fertilizer industry is one of industries in Indonesia established to fulfill national needs. In one particular factory, there is a problem on cathodic protection, so countermeasures must be done. The pre-installed SACP with less protection causes many recommendations proposed to change that into ICCP. Refer to the previous research and based on the existing condition, variations of groundbed laying can be done to analyze which one is the most suitable for that factory. 5 point locations have been selected in the area. The first step carried out is to calculate technical needs on each variation. The second step is to do comparative analysis. Finally, it can be concluded, in technical point of view, that ICCP system using 2 groundbed type 3 is the most effective one to be used in that factory because it has the lowest protection voltage of 3.4268 volts. It is also the most advantageous one based on technical needs compared to the other variations.