Effect Of Plastic Deformation Of Material Carbon Steel A53 Gr B to Hardness Value and Corrosion Rate Value on CPO and Steam

  • Tri Noviyanto Rafi
  • Prasojo Budi
  • Wismawati Endah
Keywords: corrosion rate, crude palm oil, deformasi plastis, vickers hardness


In this final project will discuss the efect plastic deformation on A53 Gr B carbon steel to hardness value and corrosion rate value in CPO and steam fluid. Object in this observatorium is done on heating coil pipe diameter 2.5 inch sch 40 used for heating CPO in storage tanks. This observation in roll bending radius ~ mm, 500 mm, 350 mm and steam and CPO at temperature 80 ° C, 100 °C and 125 °C . Standard used for hardness testing is ASTM E-92. The standart use for testing this corrosion rate is ASTM G31-72. The calculation of lifetime using API 570.The result showed that the thickness and the hardness of the straight pipe at the test point of 270° (5.1 mm and ± 161,358 HV), pipe radius 500 mm (5.0 mm and 171.913 HV), pipe radius 350 mm (4.7 mm and 178,537 HV). The total corrosion rate value CPO and steam for straight pipe (R. ~) (0.17895 mm / y), pipe radius 500 mm (0.20574 mm / y), pipe radius 350 mm (0.2362 mm / y). The calculation result lifetime of straight pipe (R.~) (23 years), pipe radius 500 mm (20 years), pipe radius 350 mm (16 year).