Kajian Numerik Wax Deposition pada Crude Oil Pipeline dari Central Processing Area (CPA) ke Palang Station di JOB P-PEJ

  • sidiq m m dzikri
  • santoso mardi
  • moballa burniadi
Keywords: pipline, pigging, crude oil, wax, wax deposittion


Abstract – In the process of transporting crude oil using a pipeline, there are often troubling problems in this process. One of the most common problems is the reduced internal pipe diameter and the blockage the flow of crude oil due to wax deposition. Blockage flow of crude oil can reduce flow rate, equipment damage, and discontinue the production activities. Basically the wax will remain dissolved in crude oil because of thermal equilibrium. When thermmal equilibrium begins to disrupt, such as the temperature or pressure changes, the paraffins and other elements with high molecular weight will crystallize and begin to settles. In the case of the CPA-Palang Station pipeline system occurs the wax crystallization resulting wax deposition. The occurrence of wax deposition can be proved from the sediment carried by the pig during the pigging process. Therefore in this final project will be mapping the distribution of temperature, velocity and pressure along the pipeline. And after that can know the characteristics of wax deposition that occur along the pipeline of the modeling results done.