Pengaruh Konfigurasi Support Terhadap Tegangan dan Vibrasi Line Product Shortening & CBS Plant

  • Ratnasari Ayu
  • Endri Kusuma George
  • mahardhika pekik
Keywords: configuration support, vibration velocty response, natural frequency, reciprocating pump


The movement of reciprocating pump is one of causes vibration in piping system and placing the support doesn’t  consider the load received by pipe resulting in leakage and leaks. To overcome the magnitude of stress due to loading and vibration that occurs on line 40-P-658-R1A¬JC then required static analysis and dynamic analysis using software CAESAR II. Configuration of support is needed to determine effect of support on stress and vibration that occurs, ensuring the continuity of process and safety on line 40-P-658-R1A¬JC. Modeling of 3 configurations made and analyzed includes stress analysis refers to ASME B31.3 standard, nozzle reciprocating pump standard API 674 analysis, local stress analysis on nozzle heat exchanger refers to WRC 107 standard, natural frequency analysis using modal analysis method refer to API 674 & API 618 standard, vibration velocity response analysis using harmonic analysis method refers to API 618 standard. 3 support configurations analyzed the more use support will be inversely proportional to value of stress and vibration. Results static analysis support configuration are still within safe limits however, in the dynamic analysis value of vibration velocity response exceeds the permit limit according to API 618 standard so that 3 support configurations cannot be accepted