Analisa dan Desain Ulang Penempatan Support Pipa Ammonia Line Suction Pump P-0301 A/B/C pada Pabrik 1 A PT. XX

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Keywords: CAESAR II, line suction pump, nozzle pump, stress, support


Abstract - In one line suction pump pipeline system, a fertilizer company experiences a problem that there is a decrease in support at one point where the value has exceeded the standard issued by the company. So that the pipeline is not well supported and indicated the cause is due to overstress and inadequate placement of support for the system. Therefore, stress piping system analysis is carried out according to ASME B31.3 and allowable span analysis and analysis of pump suction nozzle load according to API 610. This study was analyzed for existing conditions and designs. The study was conducted using CAESAR II modeling assistance.