Desain Ulang Sistem Perpipaan Distribusi Fluida Massecuite dari Reheater Menuju Feed Mixer

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Keywords: massecuiter, sedimentation, flow pattern, headloss, pressure drop


Abstract - Massecuite fluid can be one of the factors of clogging in pipes. The sediment leads to a blockage in the piping system from the reheater to the feed mixer. In this Journal it begins by determining the flow pattern to determine the effect on the flowing fluid. Then it is conducted a modeling using ANSYS software to find the location of sedimentation. After doing the modeling then it is done a calculation of headloss value and pressure drop. So then the redesigning of the piping system from reheater to feed mixer to prevent the occurrence of precipitation can be done. The result obtained from the calculation of the redesigning of the piping system compared with the result of the early design with a headloss of 0,083 meter, pressure drop, 13421,55 Pa, and the result of the redesigning of the piping system can be said as optimal from the value of the headloss which is 0,078 meter , pressure dropĀ  13356,32 Pa.