Simulasi Laju Perpindahan Panas Serrated Finned Tube pada Heat Exchanger dengan Menggunakan Kondisi Batas Periodik

  • Prihandika Laksamana
  • Shah Muhammad
  • Moballa Burniadi
Keywords: heat exchanger, periodic boundry, serrated fin


Heat exchanger is a tool that use for exchange the heat to be cool and heat the fluid. Heat exchanger is widely used for air conditioning, chemical processing, and power plants by using coal, natural gas, etc as fuel. Greater heat exchanger capacity needs greater fuel requirements used, it is necessary to design optimization in the heat exchanger. Using fin in the heat exchanger tube is one way to increase the heat transfer rate because of increases the surface area. From previous research, serrated fin is one type of fin with high efficiency because it can increase the value of fluid turbulence. The aim of this research is to know the  heat transfer rate that occurs in serrated finned tube, assumed that each side is periodic boundry condition. The result shows that periodic boundry condition can be apply for serrated finned tube in heat exchanger simulation, with error between this study and previous study by Martinez (2015)  is less than 5%.