Redesain Penambahan Expansion Loop Pada Critical Line No. PL-606-D-12” Project OO-OX Field Development

  • Candra Dwi Vahreza PT.Wilmar Nabati ,Gresik
  • Pekik Mahardika Politeknik Perkapalan Negeri Surabaya
  • Mahasin Maulana Ahmad Politeknik Perkapalan Negeri Surabaya
Keywords: Expansion Loop, Thermal Load, Over stress, Redesign, Pipe Stress Analysis


AbstractIn the process line PL-606-D-12” 113 meters long with a diameter of 12 ines above the pipe rack with a temperature of 400°F (204,4°C) experienced over stress due to a thermal load of 48661,9 psi due to the long and straight line design. Therefore, a redesign is carried out by adding an expansion loop design with a vertical or three dimensional type which will later be compared from a technical perspective due to stress and economic aspects. The results of the analysis using Pipe Stress Analysis software, the design of the vertical loop and three dimensional loop are still experiencing overstress of 45859,6 psi and 47423,6 psi. Variation of the size of the expansion loop was carried out to maximize the expansion loop design, with variations W=0,5H, W=H, and W=2H. The vertical loop design with dimensional variations capable of withstanding thermal loads is W=H and W=2H with the analysis results of 43205,4 psi and 38569,6 psi. As for the three dimensional loop, the dimensional variation that is able to withstand thermal loads is the W=2H variation with an analysis result of 39683,5 psi. Comparison of the cost analysis was carried out on the vertical loop and three dimensional loop designs with variations in the dimensions W=2H. The cost required for a vertical loop design with a variation of dimensions is Rp. 225,663,168.11 while for a three dimensional loop with a variation of dimensions is Rp. 228,659,168.11.