Analisis Percepatan Durasi dan Biaya Pada Proyek Instalasi Sistem Perpipaan Auxiliary Boiler System Dengan Metode Time Cost Trade Off dan Fast Track

  • Titis Atikaningrum PT. Pamitra Jaya Konstruksi
  • Rina Sandora Politeknik Perkapalan Negeri Surabaya
  • Ika Erawati Politeknik Perkapalan Negeri Surabaya
Keywords: Management project, Presedence Diagram Method. (PDM), Optimization, Time Cost Trade Off, Fast Track


Abstract - In a project known as the term triple constraint, which consists of product, schedule, and budget
aspects. A project can be said to be successful if these three criteria are met. On the project Instalais Auxiliary
Boiler Piping System identified the existence of delays in the timidity of the foundation construction by civil
discipline. As a result, the installation process will be delayed. To solve the difficulty, time and cost optimization
will be done by using the comparison of time cost trade off and fast track methods. Optimization is performed
only on activities that are on the path of cirritis using the network work method of the Presedence Diagram
Method. (PDM). After optimization using the Time Cot Trade Off method, this project could be completed in
158 and th total cost of Rp1.834.482.028. While using the fast track method could be completed in 124 days
with a total cost of Rp1.737.876.787. The Fast Track method is assessed to have relatively short outcomes with
low total costs. Thus, the fast strack method can be used as an alternative that could be used to optimize time
and cost on this project.