Analisis Tegangan dan Fleksibilitas pada Horizontal Expansion Loop No.6 Pipa Existing Jalur Cluster-I sampai Junction-B

  • Fathor Rasyid Politeknik Perkapalan Surabaya
  • Pekik Mahardhika Politeknik Perkapalan Surabaya
  • Tarikh Azis Ramadani Politeknik Perkapalan Surabaya
Keywords: Debottlenecking, expansion loop, stress analysis, flexibility


AbstractThe Debottlenecking project in Ulubelu was built to expanse the amount of production quantity by transmitting steam from outlet separator that connected to piping system of well head. There is a line designed with some expansion loop to maintain overstress due to occasional and thermal load. The 32” diameter Cluster-I to Junction-B line that operate with 194.7 °C of temperature with 12.86 bar of pressure was connected from piping system of well head at Cluster-I to branch of pipe at Junction-B. The temperature and pressure categorized as critical line, therefore a stress and flexibilty analysis needed to evaluate the piping system. Stress and flexibility calculation were carried out for expansion loop placed at intersection between sloping and flat ground of pipeline for sustained, occasional and thermal expansion load based on ASME B31.1 code as calculation reference using manual method and pipe stress analysis software. Based on the manual calculation and result of pipe stress analysis software, the stress value of sustained load is 41.44 % under the allowable stress value while the stress value of occasional load 3 with 249.22 % ratio, occasional load 24 with 248.7% ratio and thermal expansion load with 105.7% ratio that  exceeding the alowable stress value.