Analisis Pengaruh Preheat dan PWHT Pengelasan Dissimilar Material A312 TP316 dengan A106 Grade B Terhadap Sifat Mekanik Material dan Luas HAZ pada Instalasi Perpipaan Condensate Polishing System

  • Muhammad Mulky Adreansyah PT. Jurong Engineering Lestari (JEL)
  • Budi Prasojo Politeknik Perkapalan Negeri Surabaya
  • Endah Wismawati Politeknik Perkapalan Negeri Surabaya
Keywords: Welding, Dissimilar Material, Heat Treatment, HAZ, Hardness Test


Abstract - On the condensate polishing system development project being carried out in Batang, there
is a piping system that functions for fluid distribution. Pipes connected to this system have different
materials and are not preheated and PWHT are not carried out. In one of the condensate polishing
piping systems, the materials used are A312 TP316 and A106 Grade B. The purpose of this final project
is to analyze the influence of preheat and PWHT welding of dissimilar materials. The results of
observing the highest HAZ width were found in carbon steel "B" which was 4.19mm and the lowest
width was found in carbon steel "A". The PWHT process beaked the “C” and “D” specimens where
the HAZ width was not visible. The results of the hardness test data, material "A" which did not receive
preheat and PWHT heat treatment had the highest hardness value with an average value of 160.31 HV
while the lowest value was material "D" which was given preheat and PWHT heat treatment with an
average value the average is 142.77 HV, this proves that preheat and PWHT can affect the hardness of
a material.