Desain Jalur Underground Pipeline Sistem Transfer Air Perkebunan Tebu Dari Pump Room Menuju Reservoir

  • Andi Ahmad Fahrezi PT. Adhi Karya
  • Projek Priyonggo Sumangun Politeknik Perkapalan Negeri Surabaya
  • Ni’matut Tamimah Politeknik Perkapalan Negeri Surabaya
Keywords: flow rate, pipeline design, headloss, pump head, WaterCAD


Abstract – The production of sugarcane plants will decrease when experiencing moderate stress due to water
shortage. The availability of irrigation water is a problem in the tegalan land area. PT Muria Sumba Manis is
engaged in sugar factory and integrated sugarcane plantation activities, with the water source located below
the sugarcane plantation area and at a considerable distance. Planning will be carried out by estimating the
underground pipeline system route along 6.834 KM from the river to the reservoir, with a required flow rate
of 350 m3/h. Therefore, a pipeline system design is needed from the river to the reservoir location. The activities
involved designing the pipeline system from the pump room to the reservoir, determining the pump head, pump
power, and pump specifications to distribute water along the pipeline, starting with manual calculations and
then conducting hydraulic analysis using a computer program. By considering the manual calculations and
hydraulic analysis, a pipeline system design was obtained along 6.834 KM using FRP PN40 pipes for 2020 m,
FRP PN32 pipes for 960 m, HDPE PN20 pipes for 2100 m, and PVC PN10 pipes for 1754 m. Based on the
calculation results, a total pump head of 267.339 m was obtained using two pumps in a parallel configuration.
The selected pump is the Caprari Electric Submersible type E12S42/7M+MAC12400C with a flow rate capacity
of 270 m3/h and a head level of 291 m. The hydraulic analysis yielded satisfactory results, including pressure
values and water flow rates that meet the minimum requirement of 350 m3/h, with a headloss difference of
4.75% between manual calculations and the software.