Redesain Sistem Plumbing Instalasi Air Bersih pada Gedung Pusat Perbelanjaan

  • Bagus Cahyo Laksono Politeknik Perkapalan Negeri Surabaya
  • Ekky Nur Budiyanto Politeknik Perkapalan Negeri Surabaya
  • Dianita Wardani
Keywords: Plumbing, Clean water, PPR, Head, Pump


Plumbing system planning is an important part of planning a building, but when a building has changed its function it is also necessary to redesign the plumbing system to provide clean water for the occupants. This research aims to redesign the plumbing system for clean water in a shopping center building. Plumbing system redesign refers to SNI 8153:2015 concerning Plumbing Systems in Buildings. The fulfillment of clean water requirement is planned to use a water source from the existing ground tank pumped to the roof tank and flowed by gravity to each plumbing tool. The results of the calculation of the average water requirements for shopping center building are 13200 liters/hour. The capacity of the roof tank required for clean water is 10200 liters. Pump power required is 3,24 kW. The type of pipe planned for this clean water plumbing system is a Polypropylene Random pipe (PPR) with the total of material cost budget plan is Rp291.977.300,00