Design City Gas Distribution System for Household in Tanjung Morawa

  • Johan Herdianto
  • Arie Indartono
  • M Maulana Ahmad
  • M Maulana Ahmad
Keywords: Distribution piping system, Natural gas, Wall Thickness, Maximum allowable span, Pipeline studio


The utilization of natural gas in Indonesia is still not optimal, including in the Household
sector. The author plans natural gas distribution media in the household sector with a total demand of
177,775 m3/h. In the design of this distribution pipeline is divided into 3 segments, there are High
Pressure Distribution Pipe (DTT) segment uses API 5L garde B material with 5,487 mm wall thickness,
Medium Pressure Distribution Pipe (DTM) uses 180 mm PE material wisth 16.36 mm wall thickness,
and Low Pressure Distribution Pipe (DTR) uses PE 120 mm material with 11.36 mm wall thickness
obtained. DTT pipe is an aboveground pipe segment, it is necessary to have a pipe span with a maximum
allowable span with distance value of 8,087 m. Also conducted Hydraulic Simulation using Pipeline
Studio software obtained several variables such as pressure drop value and Velocity. Where the
pressure drop value in this distribution pipeline is still below the allowed pressure drop value refers to
API RP-14E of 0.11 barg/100m. and the velocity value is still below the permitted velocity value
referring to the Norsok Standard P-001 of 18,3 m/s. Based on the simulation of hydraulics using
Pipeline Studio software that the design of city gas distribution system for households in Tanjung
Morawa can work well.