Penambahan Instalasi Pig pada Filling Station Terminal Mirah dengan Mempertimbangkan Analisis Biaya

  • Abidah Ayu Dhiaulhaq
  • R.Dimas Endro Witjonarko
  • Projek Priyonggo Sumangun L
Keywords: Air Reciever, Air Recieve, PERT, Pigging System


The Filling Station project was built to facilitate ship refueling and speed up the fuel
distribution process. The Filling Station is designed to operate to distribute fuel to consumers (ships)
so that the fluid flow rate should not be hampered due to deposits of sulfur contained in the fluid.
Owners need a regular cleaning system, of which the pig has a primary role to keep the system
operating continuously by helping to remove dirt or foreign matter in the line, removing all deposits,
whether liquid or solid, that may accumulate and restrict flow. The addition of the Pigging System
includes the addition of a Pig Launcher, Pig Receiver, and an Air Pressure System. The results of the
analysis and calculations obtained the value of the air receiver tank capacity of 10000 L, the FAD
compressor capacity of 10.47 m3/min and the compressor power of 110 kW. The budget plan for the
additional pig installation project with a normal time of 39 days based on man power and material
costs is Rp. 375.214.522, - , whereas if the project is desired on time with 44 days for man power
costs and material costs are Rp. 378,407,874,-. It is estimated that the completion of the additional
pig installation project will take 39 days normally with a probability value of 50%, whereas if a 100%
probability value is desired, it will take 44 days for the project to be completed on time