Desain Steam Drum dan Water Drum serta Jalur Pipa Inlet Feed Water Pada Proyek Penambahan Unit Pltu Tidore, Maluku Utara

  • Rifqi Anas
  • Mohammad Miftachul Munir
  • Mahasin Maulana Ahmad
Keywords: Design, Steam Drum, ASME Section VIII Div I, CAESAR II


One of the boiler companies located in the city of Surabaya, East Java, plans to
add 2 units of water tube type boilers designed for coal-fired power plants with a capacity
of 2 x 7 MW in Tidore, North Maluku. In each boiler there is one steam drum and a water
drum which functions as a reservoir for a mixture of water and steam, and also functions to
separate steam from water in the process of forming superheater steam. The design of the
steam drum and water drum according to ASME VIII Div 1 uses SA-516 Gr.70 material
which produces a thick shell and head for the steam drum of 3 in and 1,625 in, while the
thickness of the shell and head for the water drum is 2.125 in and 1.25 in. The MAWP shell
and head for the steam drum are 1032.72 psi and 1167.74 psi, while the MAWP shell and
head for the water drum are 1032.72 psi and 1267.46 psi. Analysis of the stress on the
boiler bank tubes due to the steam drum load using ANSYS software obtained the lowest
error at meshing size of 2 in with a value of 6329.4 psi and still within the safe limit of
allowable stress. The design of the feed water inlet pipeline according to ASME B31.1 uses
pipe material A-106 Gr.B with NPS 4 Sch 80. The results of manual sustained load
calculations and CAESAR II software on the piping system produce maximum stress values
of 6278.84 psi and 6673, 29 psi which is still below the allowable limit value. Thus, the
results of manual calculations and CAESAR II software state that the piping system is safe.