Perencanaan Pengembangan Sistem Transmisi dan Distribusi Jaringan Sistem Perpipaan Air Minum daerah Pondok Candra

  • Andre Giaveno
  • Eko Julianto
  • Abdul Gafur
Keywords: booster, piping system, forecast population, head pump, Epanet, scheduling and cost analysis


Each year, the population grows, as does the demand for water. Pondok Candra Booster is
a booster that provides water to 3 villages: Tambak Rejo, Tambak Oso, and Tambak Sumur. Therefore,
the authors will do an forecast population for those 3 villages over the next 10 years using the Last
Square method for Tambak Rejo and Tambak Sumur villages and the arithmetic method for Tambak
Oso villages. In 2030, Tambak Rejo has a population of 19,880 people, Tambak Oso has a population
of 4,014 people, and Tambak Sumur has a population of 9,670 people. Researchers also planned a
water transmission medium with a flow rate of 73.42 l/s, with details of 23.11 l/s to Tambak Rejo village,
39.68 l/s to Tambak Oso village, and 10.63 l/s to Tambak Sumur village. The Headloss value was also
calculated for the transmission piping system for the farthest pipe, which leads to the village of Tambak
Oso and obtained a Head value of 121.27 m, based on the head value and total flow requirements, a
pump to supply the water was obtained, it is the Ebara pump Model 125X100 FSJCA with impeller
diameter 273 mm. After analyzing using Epanet, it is necessary to add a bar pipe to the Tambak Oso
as far as 2681.4 m with PVC S-8 pipe material. From all the results obtained, scheduling and cost
analysis was carried out for scheduling this project for 17 days and the total cost was