Studi Numerik Pengaruh Anti-Vortex Device (AVD) Terhadap Aliran di dalam Intake Circulating Water Pump Block 2 PLTGU Muara Tawar

  • Muhammad Irfan Najmudin
  • Burniadi Moballa
  • Mahasin Maulana Ahmad
Keywords: Pump Intake, Vortex, Anti-Vortex Device (AVD)


Gas Power Plant and Steam (combined cycle) Muara Tawar has a system of cooling using
circulating water pump to drain the water from the intake toward the cooling system. So, the process
of cooling can be a maximum, the pump must meet the required capacity. In a scaled test conducted by
Gas Power Plant and Steam Muara Tawar found a vortex in pump intake block 2. Based on the ANSI/HI
9.8-2012 vortex that occurs at the pump intake can result in significant changes in the operating
conditions of the pump and can change the flow capacity, power requirements, and pump efficiency.
To reduce the magnitude of the vortex then the solution is added an Anti-Vortex Device (AVD) on the
pump intake block 2. Anti-Vortex Device (AVD) to modify the structure of the intake are used to reduce
the occurrence of velocity distribution which is not uniform and can lead to the occurrence of the vortex.
The results of the vorticity intake Gas Power Plant and Steam Muara Tawar have a maximum value
1336.58 and a minimum value of 0.000754845 with mean (𝝎̅) 25.506 and range (∆ω) 1336.579. With
the addition of an Anti-Vortex Device (AVD), make the value of the vorticity maximum 1003.27 and
minimum 0.0007388 with mean (𝝎̅) 23.041 and range (∆ω) 1003.269. The effect of adding Anti-Vortex
Device (AVD) to the the flow pattern at the pump intake is able to increase and decrease the velocity,
pressure and the flow pattern on the intake