Perencanaan Desain Expansion Loop Pada Pipa Proses Distribusi Uap Jenuh di Perusahaan Food and Beverage

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Keywords: Material Cost Budget Plan, Pocket Condensate, Software Caesar II, Steam Trap, Stress Analysis, Vertical Loop


Steam distribution on process there is a pipe that connects 2 headers. On line 250-Sch.40-
A106-H13 (NEW) 2 with a temperature of 192°C and rockwool insulation with a thickness of 50 mm,
saturated steam the flows. Based on DNV RP 101 the line is included in the critical line. Refers to
graphic of the criteria for pipe system connected to Static Equipment nozzle in Ahmad Chamsudi’s book
2005, line 250-Sch.40-A106-H13 (NEW) 2 is included in the "C" criteria based on the temperature and
pipe diameter. Expansion loop design planning to absorb expansion due to temperature changes
optimally. Static stress analysis using software to ensure that design made is safe and in accordance
with ASME B31.3 standards. Based on the stress analysis and budget plan (RAB) it can be seen that
the most effective and efficient type of support design is the third variation of support design, namely
shoes with +Y rigid force direction. This design has a stress value due to a sustain load of 7258.6 psi
and a stress value due to a thermal load of 36,307 psi. Pocket condensate design is 6 in pocket diameter,
28 in pocket depth, and the distance between pocket condensate is 50 meters. Selected steam trap is of
the JF5X-16 type from TLV products. After adding the pocket condensate and steam trap designs, this
design has a stress value due to a sustain load of 13717.4 psi and a stress due to a thermal load of
36260.5 psi. From all the results obtained, it is necessary to calculate the estimated total cost of
materials needed in this construction project and produce a total estimate of Rp. 1.978.962.600,00.