“Analisa Laju Korosi Dan Lifetime Terhadap Pemilihan Jenis Coating Wrapping, Heat Shrink Sleeve, Dan Painting Pada Pipa Di Area Splash Zone Filling Station Pelabuhan Surabaya”

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Keywords: External corrosion, corrosion rate, corrosion protection, lifetime


Corrosion that occurs on the outer wall of the pipe (external corrosion) is mainly caused by
environmental factors that have a high corrosive level. Underground pipes, subsea pipes and pipes that are
very close to sea level have a tendency to corrode due to the corrosive environment. With the addition of a
coating on the external pipe wall can prevent the corrosion rate by the environment. In this final project,
research on corrosion control with the addition of corrosion protection on the external side with variations of
protection used is painting, wrapping, HSS (Heat Shrink Sleeve) using NaCl corrosion media with a salinity of
40,000 ppm, this research uses the immersion test method with three The techniques are immersed, half
immersed, and aeration. The results of the tests that have been carried out show the lowest corrosion rate using
HSS corrosion protection with immersed technique which is 0.0115343 mm/year, half immersed technique is
0.0117157, and aeration technique is 0.0112824 mm/year. Of the three testing techniques for each variation of
corrosion protection, the largest average corrosion rate occurs in the half immersed technique. While the
calculation of lifetime obtained corrosion protection with the highest lifetime value is HSS of 308.4 years.