Perencanaan Fire Fighting Foam Menggunakan Fluida Air dan Busa di Crude Oil Refinery

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Keywords: fiuid service, headloss, hydrant pillar, pump power, software analysis


Crude Oil Refinery have various wells to obtain natural products in the form of crude oil in a large-scale production capacity. In oil well area there was an explosion caused by a lightning strike. This incident caused 7 production tanks caught fire. Handling to extinguish fires using fresh water through available fire extinguishing system. However, using fresh water in this system is less efficient. So, installation of foam fire fighting needed in the form of foam fluid to overcome in fire. Problems discussed in the research included designing a foam fire extinguisher installation. Calculate the amount of water and foam requirements, and the required pump capacity in the form of manual calculations and Pipe Flow Expert Software for comparison. Storage tank area has a surface area of 998.5 m². Minimum discharge time 65 minutes with minimum application speed 6.5 liters / minute. Crude oil storage have 3 hydrant pillars required with total head in this system is 51,05 meters. Total requirement for 3% foam solution is 20441.22 liters and 97% water requirement is 660932.78 liters. Calculation of pump power using Pipe Flow Expert software is 26,14 kW and manual calculation is 24,57 kW