Analisis Laju Korosi dan Lifetime Pipa ASTM A105 dengan Perbandingan Inhibitor NaNO2 dan Na2CrO4

  • Titries Adistantria Mariami Politeknik Perkapalan Negeri Surabaya
  • Bambang Antoko Politeknik Perkapalan Negeri Surabaya
  • Subagio Soim Politeknik Perkapalan Negeri Surabaya
Keywords: ASTM A105, Immersion Test


Abstract - Corrosion are the most common problem that happens in the industry causing material quality reduction. If corrosion was not prevented from the beginning, there will be a serious loss because of leaking that affects on the decsreasing of material lifetime. One of the corrosion problem in an oil and margarine processing factory in Gresik is Internal Corrosion. Caused by a lump of crust inside the ASTM A105 pipe with 1 inch diameter with 2 years of lifetime. This research used immersion test method to determine the corrosion rate and lifetime of ASTM A105 pipe with weight loss calculation and compared NaNO2 and Na2CrO4 inhibitors. The testing used NaCl consentrat variation of 1000 ppm, 1100 ppm, 1200 ppm. Inhibitor constrentrat variation are 0 ppm, 150 ppm, 250 ppm, and 350 ppm. Test results shows that the lowest corrosion rate used 350ppm NaNO2 inhibitor with 1200 ppm NaCl consentrat with the value of 0,021817 mm/y. Meanwhile Na2CrO4 inhibitor have the lowest corrosion value of 0.023999 mm/y. For the highest inhibitor efficiency value are 350 ppm NaNO2 inhibitor on 1200 ppm NaCl consentrat woth the value of 0.537%. And the remaining life calculation for NaNO2 inhibitor are 150.73 years and 137.37 years for Na2CrO4 inhibitor. So the best corrosion protection method for ASTM A105 material are using NaNO2 inhibitor because it have the lowest corrosion rate value and much longer service life.