Re-layout Galangan Reparasi Kapal PT Najatim Dockyard dengan Optimalisasi Penggunaan Area Sisa

  • admin CONAE
  • Ivan Altaviananda
Keywords: Layout, Shipyard, CORELAP Algorithm, Optimalization, Docking, Undocking.


In an industry, especially shipyards, the layout is crucial to make the industry effective. The

supporting documents for the layout are essential not only for mapping the existing facilities but also

for fulfilling the industry's documentation requirements. Furthermore, optimization makes an industry

more efficient in its operations. This research combines observation activities with algorithms to create

a more optimal layout, especially in underutilized areas. Computerized relationship layout planning

(CORELAP) plays a significant role in planning a layout, as it facilitates the effective and

straightforward identification of relationships between facilities in this digital era. The results of this

study include the creation of a new layout document reflecting the actual conditions in the shipyard.

Additionally, the optimization yields alternative layouts with an analysis value of 25.02% using the

CORELAP algorithm and 0.53 using the Blocplan application, with the latter being the smallest value

among the three layout alternatives.