Perencanaan Design Engine pada Mobil Minimalis Roda Tiga

  • Rezky Fardhan Fahrezy
  • George Endri Kusuma
  • Tri Andi Setiawan
Keywords: design engine, Dynotest, power, Three wheel car, torque


In every era development from time after time also followed with requirement development
of transportation in society. Generally there are 2 kinds of land transportations that human mostly
have, they are 2 wheel and 4 wheel transportations. While for complete the defeciency from that 2
kinds of transpotation, then three wheel car concept created.Three wheel car have minimalist concept
thats mean comfortable and simple. With using tilting trike system which it make sure the easy acces
for any situation on the road which its need suitable engine spesification to support that concept.
Because of that, this research is made to plan design engine that suitable with that concept by using
torque and power manual calculation method, which it later tested by dynotest to look for the result of
engine performances on three wheel car.From torque and power calculation, its show minimum
torque requirements at 6500 rpm is 13,63 Nm and power requirements at 8500 rpm is 12,15 Hp. Then
the result obtained Yamaha Scorpio Z 2007 engine that aplied on three wheel car which is tested by
Dynotest and show the result maximum torque at 5318 rpm is 22,90 Nm and maximum power at 8500
rpm is 20,7 Hp.