Perancangan Toilet DU – 3E Bagi Masyarakat Indonesia

  • Melindawati Muchtar
  • Anda Iviana Juniani
  • Wiediartini Wiediartini
Keywords: Ulrich Method, Toilet Design, Ergonomics, Disability, Indonesian Society


Water is an important element for the life of living things on earth. However, the high level
of human need for clean water is not comparable to the level of availability. The decrease of clean
water sources in Indonesia due to pollution by pentogen bacteria, such as E. coli. These bacteria
come from sanitation systems in Indonesia. This research will design a toilet with the basic principle
of DU - 3E. Toilet ergonomics, ecological, easy maintenance, difable availability, and user centered
for the people of Indonesia. Toilet design development uses the Ulrich method to get the best design.
A list of concept needs was obtained through researchers observations of disability needs when
engaged in toilet activities. In addition, an ergonomic approach is carried out through the
anthropometric approach of the Indonesian people. The toilet designed by the basic principle of "not
mixing" between feces and urine. There is a foot support on the toilet to orm a 35 angle between
pelvic flexion and the user's rectal canal..