Rancang Bangun Exhaust System pada Mobil Minimalis Roda Tiga

  • Ahyad Bagas Nur Hidayatulloh
  • Ali Imron
  • Tri Andi Setiawan
Keywords: alur exhaust system, exhaust system, back pressure, diameter pipa exhaust system


One of the three-wheeled vehicles that is currently being developed is a three-wheeled car.
In addition to engine selection, in the process of developing a minimalist three-wheeled car will not
be separated from the planning of the exhaust system. In the planning of exhaust system, it is
necessary to calculate the dimensions of the exhaust system pipeline to get the dimensions that
correspond to the cylinder capacity of the engine that applied to the minimalist three wheel car. The
application of design concept helps design the exhaust system to be able its needed. The design
concept is carried out by identifying plans for laying the driver's seat, ground clearance, and fuel
lines. The design of the exhaust system is carried out by CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to
analysis the function of the exhaust system by knowing the back pressure that is suitable for the
minimalist three wheeled car. Analysis of design concepts can be used as a reference in determining
the dimensions of the pipe exhaust system which in turn can be a product of the exhaust system for a
minimalist three-wheel car.