Optimasi Setting Parameter Mesin Plasma Cutting terhadap Kekasaran Permukaan dan Lebar Pemotongan pada Aluminium 5083 Menggunakan Metode Taguchi

  • Adelia Al Sakina
  • Bachtiar Bachtiar
  • Farizi Rachman
Keywords: aluminium 5083, surface roughness, cutting width, plasma cutting, Taguchi Grey Relational Analysis


Many factors determine the product quality, such as surface roughness and cutting width, especially in plate cutting industry. Getting the minimum roughness and the suitable cutting width becomes much easier if the machine operators know the right parameter while cutting. In this study, plasma cutting is used. Some parameter in this study are considered such as cutting speed, cutting height, arc voltage and air flow rates on cutting aluminium 5083 with 10 mm thickness. The analysis is conducted using Taguchi Grey Relational Analysis Method to surface roughness and cutting width. The result from this study is getting the optimal parameter combination consists of cutting speed with 1470 mm/min, cut height with 6 mm, arc voltage with 163 volt and air flow rates with 40 lpm. Moreover, the percentage contribution for cutting height is 6,780%, arc voltage is 20,141% and air flow is 56,779%. Meanwhile cutting speed didn’t signi ically a ect sur ace roughness and cutting width.