Perhitungan Kapasitas Produksi dalam Penyusunan Master Production Schedule pada Divisi Manufacturing Mould Shop

  • Lutvi Ade Septian
  • Anda Iviana Juniani
  • Dhika Aditya Purnomo
Keywords: Master Production Schedule, Production Capacity, Production Scheduling, Rough Cut Capacity Planning


Manufacturing Division applies make to order and jobshop strategies. Some mould that produced was late in completion. One of the factor that make it late is the arranging of Master Production Schedule (MPS) without considering to the calculation of production capacity. Meanwhile the calculation of production capacity can doing validation to MPS. So it necessery to calculate production capacity as reference to arrange MPS.This research used Rough Cut Capacity Planning (RCCP) method to calculate production capacity. The arranging og MPS using transportation method by considering the result of RCCP analysis. Production scheduling did in one of the mould using Shortest Processing Time (SPT) rules with the help of WinQSB software. The results of this research are the calculation of available capacity and needed capacity. The result of RCCP analysis are 11 mould can fulfill the target and 8 mould can not fulfill the target. Improvment of MPS can solve the problem of lacking capacity by determining reguler time and overtime. Total cost for machining process using transportation method is Rp 1.426.192.100,- while the company cost is Rp1.484.692.739,-. Production scheduling resulted the faster completion time than the company production schedule. The production scheduling of the company for 29 days while using software for 22 days. The results of all calculation and data processing can be used as reference by Manufacturing Divison on the next production to minimize the lateness.