Desain Proses Produksi Survival Knife dengan Metode Operation Process Chart di Perusahaan Manufaktur

  • Amelia Laksmi
  • Renanda Nia Rachmadita
  • Rina Sandora
Keywords: Bar Chart, Designing Production Process, Matriks Pugh, Operation Process Chart, Survival Knife


Manufacturing Company is one of the manufacturing industry in Surabaya focusing on
engineering field, in producing machinary. One institution give a challenge to this company to
produce 10.000 pcs Survival Knives. Complex technique and limited machinary make it difficult for
this Manufacturing Company in Designing Production Process. Cycle time production, quantities and
cost of production are considered in Designing Production Process. Operation Process Chart help us
to visualize flow production process from raw material until finished good product. Production time
could see with Bar Chart Method its about 48 days left with paralel process. Researcher makes two
alternative concepts of designing production process. Concept selection is done trough two ways.
First, based on the most point and second with Matrix Pugh Concept Selection. The result of this
research shows that “Designing Production Process Concept 2†is choosen because it has more
average quantity about 56 pcsand cost o production is lower than “Designing Production Process
Concept 1†its about Rp.1.554.581.900,-. Concept 2 is better in cycle time production about 12 days
more than concept 1