Perancangan Mobile Crane Kapasitas 2 Ton Sebagai Sarana Penunjang Galangan Reparasi

  • Bagus Fatahhillah
  • I Putu Sindhu Asmara
  • Ali Imron
Keywords: design, finite element method, mobilecrane


In a repair shipyard company there is a constraint, which in the field conditions require a
device that can be used to lift objects or goods that have a small capacity and can reach the height of
the deck from the ship. But in the lifting products that already exist, when it has a small capacity then
has a small lift height. And when it wants to take a lift height as its lift capacity also rises based on
the above problems it is necessary to design a new lift tool that can meet those needs.In this research,
the lifting equipment is a mobile crane. So that it can be moved as well as the effectiveness of the
place of the shipyard. To meet the lift strength and lift level needed, it is necessary to analyze the
strength of the structure using the finite element method or FEM.In the design is expected to help for
the improvement and addition of existing facilities in the shipyard in Indonesia. In the results of the
research, there are still some disadvantages, namely that in some calculations below the deck are
ignored, so that in the future there needs to be a calculation under the deck from the mobile crane.