Analisis TPM pada Mesin Press Fine Blanking 1100 Ton dengan Metode OEE di Perusahaan Manufacturing Press Part

  • Muhammad Johan Rifa’i
  • Bayu Wiro Karuniawan
  • Fipka Bisono
Keywords: Stamping, Fine Blanking, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), RCA (Root Cause Analysis), FMEA (Failure And Effect Analysis)


In East Java there is one company that is engaged in Stamping Press (Precision Stamping
Parts and Fine Forming Part) which supplies several automotive manufacturing industries in
Indonesia. In this company has a 1100 Ton Fine Blanking machine. The machine is still experiencing
a lot of breakdown so that in this research will look for factors that affect the time of breakdown and
is expected to increase the productivity of production activities. This research uses several methods
namely OEE, RCA, and FMEA. The measurement of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) value
will be used as the basis for improvement efforts and increase the effectiveness and productivity of the
1100 Ton Fine Blanking machine. RCA is used to obtain a cause that greatly affects the decline in
OEE values. While FMEA to prioritize the factors that require immediate improvement. By collecting
related and calculated data, the OEE value is 48%. The value is not in accordance with the ideal
OEE standard value. Therefore a causal analysis is done and the results obtained is that dies problem
is the most influencing in the decline of OEE values. One of the problems that often arise refers to
RCA and FMEA is the occurrence of chipped on the main punch caused by the deformation of the
material. So we get alternative solution to handle it by way of coating on main punch or replace
material with higher grade.