Analisa Nilai Pertambahan Panjang Material ST37 Pada CNC Mesin Bending TRUMPF TruBend 5050 Menggunakan Metode Full Factorial

  • Zaqi Asshidiqi
  • Wahyudi Wahyudi
  • Farizi Rachman
Keywords: bend allowance, bending, dies, force, thickness of material


CNC bending is a set of updated bending conventional machine, which has more advantages than conventional bending machine. To get final result with precision and accurate dimension using CNC bending TRUMPF TruBend 5050, the operators must have the bend allowance (Δ) table. The bend allowance is influenced by several parameters like dies, force and thickness of material. The three parameters really affect the final result of bending process. Testing is conducted to know the influence of parameter of dies, force and thickness of material toward bend allowance. The full factorial method is one of suitable methods used to know influence parameter, with level value dies in 8mm,10mm, 12mm, force in 150N, 300N, 500N and thickness of material in 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm. The result shows that the parameters, dies, force and thickness of material have the signifiance influence on bend allowance. From third parametes the thickness of material has the highest influence. It can be seen from Fhitung value that has 278.1230 compared with the parameters of dies which is 6.4325 and force that is 3.8611.