Penentuan Critical Waste pada Produksi Camshaft Menuju Lean Manufacturing Process

  • Ira Anggraeni
  • Anda Iviana Juniani
  • Mochammad Choirul Rizal
Keywords: Camshaft, Lean Manufacturing, Process Activity Mapping, Value Stream Mapping, Waste


Industrial development has changed to industry era 4.0. This condition can’t be separated from the development of industrial engineering science, especially, lean manufacturing. The industry era 4.0 and lean manufacturing provide the right combination to improve productivity, particularly in camshaft production process. This study aims to identify waste by using the value stream mapping method, followed by the selection of tools that will be used to identify waste in detail. Next is to determine the most critical waste by using the method of borda, after which the most critical waste is analyzed using a fishbone diagram for further improvement proposals. From the results of the Process Activity Mapping analysis, the percentage of VA activity was 35%, NVA activity was 3% and NNVA activity was 62%. Based on the most critical waste borda method occurs in waste motion, waiting, and motion. Some of the causes of these three wastes include the remaining oil that drips on the production floor, the lack of transportation equipment used as raw material delivery equipment and lack of labor in the unpacking division. And the proposed improvements that can be given are providing transportation equipment in the form of conveyors, replacing transportation equipment using a forklift and providing additional labor.