Rancang Bangun Converter Kit LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) Pada Mobil Minimalis Roda Tiga

  • Mohammad Jauhar Firdaus
  • George Endri Kusuma
  • Tri Andi Setiawan
Keywords: Minimalist Three Wheel Car, Converter kit, Liquid Petroleum Gas


The most widely used means of transportation for Indonesians are motorized vehicles
whose numbers will rise every year. Increasing the number of motor vehicles also affects the increase
in the amount of fuel consumption used. The solution offered is the conversion of fuel oil to gas fuel in
motor vehicles as an alternative fuel. So that the Converter Kit of BBM to LPG is needed which is
easier to obtained than other gas fuels.This research produce Converter Kit LPG which make some
concept, then chosen one to make the product. Testing is done by installing Converter kit on the
engine of a three-wheeled minimalist car and tested the dynotest and fuel consumption.Obtained the
performance of LPG fuel engine with torque and maximum power at 6500 RPM of 15.2 Nm and 12.79
Hp. Fuel consumption is 1 kg in a distance of 30 km or equivalent to Rp 188.89 per km.