Perancangan Jok Ergonomis Dalam Fabrikasi Mobil Minimalis Roda Tiga

  • M. Faiz Fazlur Rahman
  • Anda Iviana Juniani
  • Tri Andi Setiawan
Keywords: Ulrich Methode, FEM (finit element methode), Ergonomic Seat, Antropometri, RULA (rapid upper limb assestment)


This study aims to create ergonomic seat design, which will be applied to the minimalist
tricycle car. Seats that will be designed in this study has two designs, the front seat for one driver and
the back seat for two passengers. In ergonomic seat design is used Ulric method for the process of
making a product design. The design of the seat should refer to the anthropometry of the Indonesian
human body in order to create an ergonomic seat, because this product is intended for the Indonesian
people. Some of the design concepts that have been created will be selected one the best design
among several design concepts. The selection of design concepts refers to three things. First, based
on ergonomic values that can be analyzed using RULA (Rappid Upper Limb Assessment) method that
contain in softwere catia. Second, based on the aesthetic value that gained from the distribution of
aesthetic questionnaire of products. Third, based on the level of convenience that determined by the
seat upholstery materials used. The results of this study indicate that the three front and back seats
design can be categorized to be ergonomic. That statement is based on the result of RULA value
analysis which shows the final value 2, which is in the table described that the risk of injury with
value 2 is can be included into the acceptable category and has no risk of injury. Based on the the
rereferences that have been described, and from the three concepts that have been made for the front
seat and back seat, was chosen concept 2 for the front seat because in the process of design concept
selection obtained absolute value 4 and the relative value 34.12%. In the back seat was chosen
concept 2 because in the process of design concept selection obtained absolute value 4.03 and
relative value 34.7