Proses Produksi Pembuatan dan Perakitan Mesin Pencacah Plastik

  • Vinky Try Octavia
  • Muhamad Ari
  • Fipka Bisono
Keywords: AON (Activity On Node), Crusher Plastic, Production Cost


Production process to build a machine must make some planning for the production
process to run effectively and efficiently. Production process is the activity of creating or adding
usefulness product. Where the production process must be completed on time. Activity On Node
(AON) method is a method used to create network planning in production process of a tool or
machine. Before creating a networked the first step is make group of activities undertaken during the
production process. After that can determine the critical path in the production process. From this
study examines we learn how to create a network of plastic crusher machine by Activity On Node
(AON) method. The results showed the production process and assembly of crusher plastic machine
using several machining processes such as turning, shaping, drilling and grinding. The assembly
process is done manually with the welding process. AON method (Activity On Node) got total working
hours equal to 114 hours that is 14.25 day and there are 9 critical path. The total cost required
during the production process of crusher plastic machine as a solution to reduce plastic waste is Rp.