Perancangan Alat Bantu Hand Stacker Dengan Kapasitas 500 Kg di PT. Titian Kencana Samudera Jaya

PT. Titian Kencana Samudera Jaya

  • Gampang Gedhe Sasongko
  • Rizal Indrawan
  • Fipka Bisono
  • Sharon Diaz Rahayu
Keywords: Hand Stacker, Ulrich Method, Catrol System, and Machine Design.


PT Titian Kencana Samudera Jaya is one of the companies engaged in Engineering, Fabrication and
Construction. The hand stacker itself can be used to lift, lower, and move materials from one place to another. This
type of lifting mechanism on the hand stacker uses a pulley system. Hand stacker with a size that fits the dimensions
of the company makes it easier to move materials and several machines to be worked on. In this design, product
development uses the Ulrich method. The concept selection in this design uses a pulley system as a lifting system
where compared to the hydraulic system, the pulley system has a longer displacement distance because the pulley
system uses a 6 x 19 IWRC steel rope and lifts goods faster because it uses a motor drive. The results of this research
found that this tool saves more time to lift and use a motor that greatly facilitates workers and avoids excessive
fatigue. This tool is made from UNP canal, and hollow which has dimensions of 1100mm long x 600 mm wide x 1750
mm high. The cost of designing this tool is Rp. 6,197,400, -