Rancang Bangun Jig dan Fixture Pump Casing V(S) 2/4/6 B untuk Proses Milling pada Mesin CNC Milling Horizontal 4 Axis Double Pallet

  • Raul Taka Prakusya
  • Bayu Wiro Karuniawan
  • Rizal Indrawan
Keywords: Pump Casing, CNC Milling Horizontal, Casting, Jig, Fixture


PT. Zenith Allmart Precisindo is one of the manufacturing companies engaged in foundry investment casting. Its superior product is pump casing V(S) 2/4/6 B which has a production target of 500pcs/month every month. The milling process for the V(S)2/4/6 B pump casing product has the disadvantage that it requires more CNC milling machines to process each part of the process. PT. Zenith Allmart Precisindo has a horizontal 4 axis double pallet CNC milling machine. This machine uses a fixture and clamp as a stopper to aid in bulk processing of casting products. In order to help the finishing process of the production of the V(S) 2/4/6 B pump casing quickly, tools such as jigs and fixtures were made, so as to speed up the process of working on V(S) 2/4/6 B products and reduce machine usage. CNC for every part of the process. Design of jig and fixture V(S) 2/4/6 B using Autodesk Fusion 360 software. The method used is the Ulrich method as a method of selecting a design concept by making 3 different concept designs. This V(S) 2/4/6 B jig and fixture produces 2 V(S) 2/4/6 B products in one milling process with 47 minutes to produce 2 products at once.