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Imah Luluk
Eriek Wahyu Restu Widodo
Lely Pramesti
Widya Emilia Primaningtyas
Eky Novianarenti


Epoxy is a thermoset material that is widely used as an adhesive. Epoxy has the advantages of good tensile strength, bending strength and thermal stability. Epoxy is an adhesive that can bind various materials such as steel, copper, wood, iron, cement, plastics and composites. Epoxy can be cured at room temperature with the addition of a hardener (curing agent). The curing agent affects the strength, hardness, durability and adhesion strength of the epoxy. Along with technological advances In shipping, other alternatives were found in the construction of wooden ships, namely the lamination system. Laminate wood usually uses epoxy resin material. Research on the strength of laminated materials for wooden boat hulls is an interesting scientific discussion to find new alternative materials that can be applied to wooden ship. With this lamination method it is very possible as a substitute for wood because with laimnation, the material besides having better strength is also easily available at a lower price than wood. Considering that this laminate material is rarely used on ships, it is necessary to test the adhesive material. This research was conducted to see the mechanical characteristics and evaluate the use of laminated materials. The tests carried out include FTIR tests, tensile tests and adhesive tests which are carried out in the laboratory to obtain results to analyze the strength and resistance of wooden ship.

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