Optimalisasi Kinerja Pelayanan Bidang Kemahasiswaan di PPNS Menggunakan Sistem Integrated Validation System (IVS)

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Wibowo Arninputranto
Fitri Hardiyanti
Yesica Novrita Devi
Khoirul Hasin
Arie Indartono


The demand to be able to work more effectively and efficiently in producing a product both in the form of goods and services makes Higher Education must follow technological developments. Apart from prioritizing educational services, PPNS must also provide services to students in terms of implementing non-academic activities. One of the problems in bureaucratic licensing is a long flow and requires a long duration. This study seeks to simplify the process of submitting student activity proposals by using the integrated validation system (IVS). The IVS system is designed in the form of a web application using the PHP programming language, which will later be integrated into the campus information system, sim.ppns.ac.id. The proponents of activity proposals can upload proposals in the system and will be validated by related parties, and finally it will be signed by the deputy director III. With this system, it is hoped that it will help optimize the performance of student affairs, so that it can be more effective and efficient in serving requests for student activities at PPNS.

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