Analisa Pengaruh Bulbous Bow terhadap Tahanan Kapal dan Konsumsi Bahan Bakar pada Kapal Perintis 2000 GT

  • Maruto Prijono Agil
  • Antoko Bambang
  • Gafur Abdul


One to improve the performance of the ship is change the optimal shape of bow and stern, so that
ship resistance can be reduced. Many studies discuss innovations hull shape in order to get the optimal
design, in order to obtain the hull shape especially the bow shape that has the smallest value of total
resistance. Therefore, this study will discuss the design of the bulbous bow at coaster ship 2000 GT with
some variety of bulbous bow shape and calculation of resistance and fuel consumption aimed to obtaining
the bow shape with the smallest total resistance value and efficient fuel consumption. 3D modeling of bow
and calculation of ship resistance using Maxsurf Software. Variations of bulbous bow design that have been
modeled there are 3 models of bulbous bow type Δ, bulbous bow type O, and bulbous bow type V. The
results of the resistance calculation on the coaster ship 2000 GT without bulbous bow using the maxsurf
software obtained for 186.6 kN, ship resistance value on bulbous bow shape Δ obtained 144.4 kN, and
variation of bulbous bow type V has the highest ship resistance value of 153.9 kN. Furthermore, the
calculation of fuel consumption on the coaster ship 2000 GT obtained results of 49.884 tons, variation of
bulbous bow type Δ of 40,79 tons, variations of type O bulbous bow of 42.79 tons, and variation of bulbous
bow type V at 45.86 tons.