• Ramadhitya P ilham
  • munir M. Miftachul
  • wismawati endah


Abstrak - Purification unit of defecation is a process of clearing raw juice effectively and efficiently using the addition of phosphoric acid. The purpose of adding phosphoric acid to increase the phosphate content to 250-300 ppm. This unit is the focus of attention due to a leak in the pipeline weighed juice tanks to the juice heater 1.The material tested is SA-53 Gr. B, SS 400, stainless steel 304. From the results of potentiostat testing obtained the highest corrosion rate is SA-53 Gr B raw juice fluid that is 2.92120 mmpy, the lowest corrosion rate is 304 stainless steel clear juice fluid that is 0.00288 mmpy. The greater the phosphoric acid content, the higher the corrosion rate, the lower the phosphoric acid content, the lower the corrosion rate.Corrosion map making using standard sandvik, marked high severity is, SA-53 Gr. B diameter of 8.625 "and 12,750" flowed by fluid of raw juice having a corrosion rate value of 2.9212 mmpy, and SS 400 with fluid of raw juice. Materials included in medium severity criteria are SS 400 material with fluid of clear juice, and SA-53 Gr. B with fluid of clear juice, for material marked low severity is material tube stainless steel 304.

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ILHAM, Ramadhitya P; M. MIFTACHUL, munir; ENDAH, wismawati. PEMETAAN KOROSI PADA UNIT PEMURNIAN DEFEKASI DI INDUSTRI GULA. Proceedings Conference on Piping Engineering and its Application, [S.l.], v. 3, n. 1, p. 181-186, dec. 2018. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 24 july 2019.