Studi Laju Erosi dan Pengendapan Akibat Fluida Campuran antara Fly Ash dan Udara terhadap Elbow

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PT. Paiton Operation and Maintenance Indonesia (POMI) is a company engaged in the field of steam power plants using turbo generators fueled to produce steam with a maximum capacity of 2 x 615 NMW (net) or 2 x 650 GMW (gross). Each unit at the PLTU has an ESP and surge bin economizer which functions as a fly ash handling system. The remaining coal combustion in an imperfect boiler will be accommodated in a surge bin economizer located below the economizer. Fly ash will then flow to the fly ash silo using the pneumetic conveying method that uses air from the conveying air tank with a pressure capacity of 7 bar (g) and a temperature of 43 ℃. In 2017, elbows in the fly ash transport system on the G101 - 58 - CAH - FA - 0004 line have leaked. The incident caused a loss that requires the factory to pause due to the mixture of fluid flow that flows in the system in the form of air and coal combustion (fly ash). Therefore, a fluid flow analysis is needed that can cause leakage in the elbow and elbow life time calculations using manual calculations and ANSYS software. 19.2. The first thing is to do a pressure drop calculation and the simulation uses ANSYS to show particle buildup and it is found that particle accumulation does not occur at speeds of 45 ms-1 and 50 ms-1. Next is the erosion rate calculation and ANSYS modeling to determine the mass loss used to calculate the elbow life time. At a speed of 45 ms-1 the elbow life time value is 7.02 years and at a speed of 50 ms-1 the elbow life time value is 5.3 years.