Perancangan Progressive Dies Pelat untuk Draft Mark Kapal

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M. Jundy Auzan Fanony
Pranowo Sidi
Budianto Budianto


One of the production processes in the manufacturing industry is Progressive Dies, in this
process the manufacture of products consists of many processes that are interconnected with a single
press can produce various cutting results derived from the same material (coil). This study made an
image design of Progressive Dies plates for the Draft Mark of ships with the help of Catia software
and the making of simulations so that they could find out the description of the cutting process. Before
designing the Progressive Dies engine, calculations are needed - calculations needed such as,
clearance, cutting force, stripper force, die thickness, engine tonnage, and deflection that occurs on
the die. From the calculation of the force required to punch a plate with a thickness of 2mm is 72 tons.
From the calculation results continued with the analysis using Element Method Until with the help of
catia software obtained the highest stress result is 1.81 x 108 N / m2 with the result is smaller than
the dies material tensile stress used (SKD11). And the maximum deflection value that occurs is below
the maximum deflection value that is permitted, so the results meet the conditions accepted.

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